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Sue Thomson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
License #LCS-5731
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Helping You to Help Yourself

What’s Troubling You?

Every day life can be challenging.  Sometimes we do really well managing all that occurs on a daily basis.  Other times, problems and stresses seem to build up and no matter what we try, our usual ways of coping no longer seem to work.  Sometimes we turn to friends and family for support, but at times even those closest to us can’t seem to help or we don’t want to over burden them with our problems, or perhaps they are part of the problem.  What can we do then?

When life’s problems seem too big to manage on your own, an objective, professionally trained, and caring therapist can effectively help you face issues, understand feelings, and explore choices and possibilities for overcoming difficulties.  Talking with a therapist can help you turn seemingly insurmountable obstacles into unique opportunities for reflection, change, and personal growth.


What kind of problem is big enough to merit talking to a therapist?

Just about every one faces loss of some kind, such as illness, death, separation and divorce, or even job loss.  Losses such as these can leave you lethargic or depressed making it hard to work, sleep, or socialize.

Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Whether you are in a new relationship and trying to figure out how to deal with your differences or in a long-term relationship that has become distant or strained, learning some skills and having a safe place to discuss these issues can often be helpful.

Is the stress in your life keeping you up at night or creating physical problems? Learning new methods to manage your stress and to prioritize the demands facing you can be of great importance so that you can manage your stress and enjoy your life.


Why me?

I enjoy developing a safe and non-judgmental relationship with my clients, the foundation of good therapy.  Helping you tease out what is creating stress or problems in your life is the hard work we do together.  With this new awareness, clients are then able to create change in their own lives.  I work actively with my clients to establish goals, to understand their behavior and feelings, and to move toward positive choices.  In this environment, problems and concerns become manageable.

Sue Thomson, M.S.W.
851 Fremont Ave., Suite 210
Los Altos, CA 94024
(650) 949-5322

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